Alternative Medicines And Their Benefits

For keeping self healthy all of us tries our level best and for this we made a routine for self in which we had waking early, jogging or morning walk, doing exercises regularly, taking balanced diet and eating at the right time and various other important things as well in it with too many type of precautions for self and we follow this routine of ours properly for keeping self healthy, but after all these sometimes most of the peoples becomes sick, falls ill or suffer from any disease and because of these health related problems they have to suffer a lot and they could not do any of their work alone, as being admitted in the hospital permanently they had to be on bed till they become completely well like as they are earlier.

There is not any sort of problem for the payment of the expenditures done in the treatment as with the help of the health insurance but for some of the people the main problem for arrives after all these, the medicines they had to take for overcoming from the health related problem they are suffering, mostly people does not like to intake medicines because of various reasons for example few people does not like the smell of the medicines, few vomits after taking medicine etc.

There is a solution for those types of peoples who hates or dislikes the allopathic medicines, the alternative medicines which are very helpful in overcoming from the diseases whether there are of any type it doesn’t matters. Like as the allopathic medicines there are not a lot of medicines of several types in the alternative medicines but in these there are various types of healing approaches and treatments which are very helpful in the curing of all sorts of diseases along with few types of very effective medicines as well. The alternative medicines are perfect and very much better from the allopathic medicines and the best part of the alternative medicines is there is no side-effect of the alternative medicines.

Women Suffering From Dysmenorrhea Can Get Relief From Green Mussel Extract

Any women who has experienced the painful symptoms of dysmenorrhea, knows the pain of this difficult monthly flow.

The good news is you can reduce this pain by taking the green lipped mussel oil extract without side effects, yes, without drugs such as NSAIDs or oral contraceptives.

About 80% of women with dysmenorrhea have experienced relief when treated with one of the NAIDs drugs but that leaves 20% that do not get any relief using these drugs, which of course do have negative side effects. Oral contraceptives can be used but they also have their risks as well.

The affect green mussel extract has on these painful symptoms lies in how it effects a women’s uterine contractions. It works against the leukotriene receptors of the uterus. If these receptors are blocked then the leukotrienes won’t be able to exert their contractive effect on the uterus an so it will then be more relaxed.

Several women were taking the green lipped mussel oil for the relief of arthritic pain and then realized that the extract was helping with their menstrual pain as well. They were obviously pleasantly surprised at this totally unexpected discovery.

Green lipped mussel oil is reportedly safe for women who are also taking oral contraceptives with no risks of excessive bleeding or clotting. Women who use IUD’s (intrauterine devices).

Tests to further demonstrate these findings were done by the two Australian doctors Ian Shields and Michael Whitehouse who performed a clinical study on rats. They observed that after using the mussel lipid oil extract to uterine tissues it reduced uterine contractions even when these specific contractions were artificially  induced by injecting the rats with oxytocin.

Hopefully you have an idea about the important and various benefits of the green lipped mussel extract in regards to promoting all round good health. From fighting anti-inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and other forms of arthritis, and asthma, to strengthening heart health along with the immune system. A powerful supplement indeed!

The Safe Alternative Treatment For Arthritis That Works

Arthritis, whatever the type, is a disease that causes pain, discomfort, swelling, interference of motion, and even depression. Today, the treatment for arthritis involves a combination of different therapies that is usually personalized to the individual. An elderly osteoarthritis patient will have a different treatment from a young patient with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. A person experiencing mild wrist pain will have a different treatment from someone with severe hip arthritis. Doctors now can offer several options to their patients and let them choose the most comfortable therapy with the goal of reducing pain and swelling, and stopping further damage while improving joint function.


Medical science can offer the arthritis patient medication and/or non medication therapy. Usually, the first step is to relieve pain. With mild arthritis, analgesics or pain relievers are prescribed. Analgesics can be further divided into narcotic and non-narcotic. They basically work by blocking pain signals before they reach the brain or they interfere with how the brain interprets the signals. Acetaminophen is an example of an over-the-counter non-narcotic analgesic, while morphine is a narcotic analgesic. However, the proper treatment for arthritis should involve more than just relieving the pain in the joints.


Arthritis is usually accompanied by inflammation. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are medications used to treat arthritis by reducing the inflammation and thereby resulting in pain relief. NSAIDs work by interfering with the activity of the cyclo oxygenase (COX) enzyme. Examples of NSAIDs are aspirin and ibuprofen. Another type of NSAID is the COX-2 inhibitory like Celebrex. COX enzymes have several functions aside from causing inflammation. They also help maintain healthy stomach mucous lining and aids in blood clotting. Aspirin and ibuprofen relieves inflammation, but can also cause stomach upset, ulcers, and bleeding. COX-2 inhibitors target only the inflammation process using a different pathway, but drugs like Vioxx and Bextra have been withdrawn by their manufacturers from the market because of an increased risk of heart attack as seen in clinical trials.


It seems that the present available medication as a treatment for arthritis also carries a significant risk. Analgesics do not address inflammation, and narcotics can cause drug dependency. NSAIDs reduce inflammation but affect other normal processes, and can even introduce other serious medical conditions. Steroids, whether given orally or injected, can only be given for a short period, because prolonged use can result in many serious side effects. Newer drugs show promise, but long-term side effects are still unknown. Surgery is usually the last resort, and it does not guarantee 100 percent resolution.


Alternative therapies exist, and some patients report good results. For example, New Zealand green lipped mussel extract as a supplement is gaining more interests because of successful initial trials. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can effectively reduce inflammation and pain without side effects commonly experienced from taking NSAID. It also has mucopolysaccharides that can repair and replace damaged cartilage that brings back mobility to the joints. Indeed, it is now considered a natural alternative treatment for arthritis. And the best part in taking New Zealand mussel capsules is that the only side effect is better overall health. Look for products that use the patented En’Zaq Process to ensure maximum potency.

Important Things You Need to Know before Buying an Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

There are so many different brands of omega 3 fish oil supplements being sold all over the world today that it’s so easy to end up with an inferior product if you don’t know what to look for.

In order to make sure that you buy a high quality supplement that will really deliver excellent results, you should take note of the following important things about omega 3 fish oils.

Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Excellent

Indeed, because of the immense popularity and high demand for omega 3 fatty acids these days, so many manufacturers are skipping the quality control procedures and are selling less than superior products at a lower cost just to attract the customers.

However, this doesn’t mean that an expensive product would automatically be the better choice.

Instead of just looking at the price tag of the product, you should examine other crucial elements like the source of the fish oil, the density of the DHA and EPA content, the manufacturing procedures used, and the freshness of the product.

A Clean Source Indicates a Purer Product

In this age when pollution levels are at an all-time high in many places around the world, the danger of contamination with industrial contaminants and other toxic substances is no laughing matter.

If you ingest a fish oil supplement that turns out to be contaminated with heavy metals and toxic chemicals, the consequences can be grim.

This can be avoided if you choose an omega 3 fish oil supplement that is harvested and manufactured in a pollution-free environment, such as New Zealand. Compared to any other country in the world today, New Zealand boasts of the cleanest coastline and the purest atmosphere, so there is virtually no risk of contamination of their fish oil products.

The Natural Nutrients of Fish Oil Should Be Preserved

While some kind of purification process is necessary in order to ensure that the resulting fish oil supplement is not tainted with harmful chemicals, this process should not strip the fish oil of its natural nutrients.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens in many fish oil products. In the process of getting rid of the impurities, the goodness of the omega 3 fatty acids are diminished as well.

The only way to ensure that this does not happen is if the fish oil is purified using a process called molecular distillation. In this process, no artificial substances are used and the fish oil retains all its nutritional value while all the contaminants are efficiently eliminated.

Taking a pure fish oil supplement can assist greatly in providing you with a clear complexion. Please visit our partner site for aid with skin lightening, find out about Meladerm, the best available skin toner on the market today!

DHA Content Is Crucial

There was a time when nutritionist believed that EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid was the most valuable component of omega 3 fatty acids but now it has been discovered that DHA or docosapentaenoic acid is indeed the component that you should be looking for.

This is the component that is essential for brain development, reduction of bad cholesterol and many other health benefits.

EPA is also beneficial but as it turns out, the human body is able to convert DHA into EPA when necessary, so it really doesn’t matter if a particular fish oil supplement has a lot of EPA or not.