Women Suffering From Dysmenorrhea Can Get Relief From Green Mussel Extract

Any women who has experienced the painful symptoms of dysmenorrhea, knows the pain of this difficult monthly flow.

The good news is you can reduce this pain by taking the green lipped mussel oil extract without side effects, yes, without drugs such as NSAIDs or oral contraceptives.

About 80% of women with dysmenorrhea have experienced relief when treated with one of the NAIDs drugs but that leaves 20% that do not get any relief using these drugs, which of course do have negative side effects. Oral contraceptives can be used but they also have their risks as well.

The affect green mussel extract has on these painful symptoms lies in how it effects a women’s uterine contractions. It works against the leukotriene receptors of the uterus. If these receptors are blocked then the leukotrienes won’t be able to exert their contractive effect on the uterus an so it will then be more relaxed.

Several women were taking the green lipped mussel oil for the relief of arthritic pain and then realized that the extract was helping with their menstrual pain as well. They were obviously pleasantly surprised at this totally unexpected discovery.

Green lipped mussel oil is reportedly safe for women who are also taking oral contraceptives with no risks of excessive bleeding or clotting. Women who use IUD’s (intrauterine devices).

Tests to further demonstrate these findings were done by the two Australian doctors Ian Shields and Michael Whitehouse who performed a clinical study on rats. They observed that after using the mussel lipid oil extract to uterine tissues it reduced uterine contractions even when these specific contractions were artificially  induced by injecting the rats with oxytocin.

Hopefully you have an idea about the important and various benefits of the green lipped mussel extract in regards to promoting all round good health. From fighting anti-inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and other forms of arthritis, and asthma, to strengthening heart health along with the immune system. A powerful supplement indeed!